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Log burning
Art Nouveau stove
by Deville
Charleville Mézières
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£ Sold Others available in  burgundy or polished cast iron
This is truly a stunning Art Nouveau stove by Deville, called "Express". We've managed to date it to sometime from the 1910's to the early 1930's .

It is finished in the palest French blue. This is a piece that is over 80 years old that has been used to keep the homestead warm!

This is a superb little stove coming from the latter part of the Art Nouveau movement, is unusual as it is front loading wood stove. You don’t need to have a huge drawing room to get the benefit from this refined stove. The casting designs on the four sides of the stove are exquisite.

It benefits from a complete nut & bolt restoration having a new firebox made from modern steel twice as thick, so this stove should last at least twice as long. it has a newly cast deflector and a newly cast flue spigot, the firebricks have also been replaced and will also last a long time. This stove is complete with the optional hook on ash pan.

It was made by the well known manufacturer Deville & Cie of Charleville in the Ardennes their 1930 catalogue. This is medium sized stove, described as a 'pôele à bois' visible et continue' by the manufacturers . They named this beautiful stove 'Express' as it was developed to produce rapid heating for Parisians returning to their homes at the end of the their working day. Its not difficult to imagine how style conscious the decor in their homes would have been during this period.

It is in excellent condition, and really benefits from the quality of casting and enamelling associated with Deville. This stove epitomises the best in Art Nouveau style and design.

It has been a working stove, It is more or less 70-80 years old and the condition is consistent with the usual wear which is to be expected of any piece like this stove that is of a certain age, and that has been used to give heat and warmth to its previous owners. All working parts are in excellent condition, just connect the flue, light the match and away you go!

The Express was designed for all types of wood, however I would recommend using hardwoods. You can also burn briquettes and the larger wood pellets. This is a beautiful, unusual stove and these photos do not really do it justice.

Please note that the mica viewing windows have been replaced with a top quality mica which will give years of service.

This is indeed a rare opportunity for Art Nouveau lovers to own a stunning, living breathing, original piece of furniture, that can heat your home and keep your food warm at the same time!  
  • Height 63.5cms (25”)
  • Width 31cms (12.5”)
  • Depth  43cms (17 ”)
  • The flue size is 11.1cms (4¼”) 40.5cms (16") from the floor
  • Weight 38kgs (84 lb ) and it can heat a room of around 100m3
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