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Multi Fuel
Tower stove
by Deville
Charleville Mézières
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This is a superb stove (coming from the end of the Art Nouveau/the beginning of the Art Deco movement) about 1925-1930 which is in simply fantastic condition.

This is the 2nd largest in the Lily, Hella, Regalia family. |It is slightly taller than its counterparts, standing a 8cms taller than the very popular "Lily" The casting designs on the front of the stove are exquisite.

The Hella has the benefit of a complete "body off" restoration with many new parts. It has had a new set of firebricks. The enamel work is in excellent condition there is not even the usual wear which is to be expected on any piece like this stove that is of a certain age, and that has been used to give heat and warmth to its previous owner. with a fully restored firebox, this stove us as good as it gets!

It was made by the well known manufacturer Deville & Cie of Charleville in the Ardennes between 1925 and 1935, and can be found in their 1931 catalogue. This is medium sized stove, and is called a 'poele à feu visible et continue' by the manufacturers.  In almost pristine condition, and with the quality of casting and enamelling associated with Deville. The stove epitomises the best in Art Nouveau style and design.  This stove is a working stove, and as such it does have one or two small chips to the enamel, but you have to search hard and can't find any! 

Please note that the mica windows are in excellent condition.

It is around 80-90 years old and the condition is superior to a usual stove of its age. All working parts are in excellent condition, just connect the flue, light the match and away you go!

This stove was designed for coal and coke burning, it will burn wood easily too but in smaller pieces. It will run on one charge of anthracite for 12-18 hours This is a beautiful, unusual stove and these photos do not really do it justice. The price when new, in 1930, was 435 old French francs.
  • Height  66cms (26")
  • Width 46cms (18”)
  • Depth 28cms (11 ”)
  • The flue size is 8.3cms (3¼”) 35cms (13¾") from the floor
  • It can heat a room of 110m3 ~ 140m3
  • Weight is about 65kgs

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