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"Monopole" 115
Multi Fuel
Tower stove
by Deville
Charleville Mézières
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£ POA Others available in different sizes/colours
Reference: The French Antique Stove Co is fast becoming the reference for re manufactured spare parts for the Deville "Monopole" range of Art Nouveau stoves. 
Remanufacture: We remanufacture & fit all firebox parts for this stove. We have now commissioned a local foundry to re-cast the smoke box, top plate and base grill in a modern, in a modern, malleable SG quality cast iron, as these part suffer with the continual process of heating and cooling. We can also replace every part in the firebox to give your stove a completely new firebox which will last for many years to come. 
Your Stove: If your stove is in need of a new firebox, why not breathe a new lease of life into it?  With a quality new French Antique Stove Co firebox, your stove will warm the cockles of your house for many years to come,  Call or email now for your personal quote. malc@antiquefrenchstove.com
The strip down
This particular Monopole will have a newly cast firebox top, a new/refurbished set of firebricks, and new mica viewing panels in the door as well as new door seals.. It will also undergo a full reseal . Once finished it will be as good as the day it left the Deville factory 100 years ago.
The Rebuild
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