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Multi Fuel
Art Nouveau
by Monthermé-Laval-Dieu
Monthermé in the Ardennes
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This Art nouveau  stove comes from the middle of the 1920's which is in excellent order throughout having been the subject of a complete body off restoration, with all worn out parts renewed/replaced.

This stove was carefully prepared for a discerning customer who had specific requirements. The Scott was originally a blue enamel, that has been shot blasted to a bare cast iron finish. It has had many new firebox panels, giving it a new lease of life for many years to come.

You don’t need to have a huge drawing room to get the benefit from this refined stove, however it will heat a room of up to 120 cubic meters. 

It was made by the well known manufacturer Montherme-Laval of Paris  and can still be found in their 1928 catalogue. This is medium sized stove.

Please note that the mica windows have been replaced.

It is around 80 years old and the condition is consistent with its age.   All working parts are in excellent condition, just connect the flue, light the match and away you go!

This is a hybrid stove and was designed to burn wood and for coal. This is a beautiful, unusual stove and these photos do not really do it justice.
  • Height  53cms(20¾”) D x  H
  • Width 54cms (21¼”)
  • Depth 30cms  (11¾”)
  • The flue size is 8.3cms (3¼”)
  • It can heat a room of 70m3 ~ 80m3
  • Weight is about 70kgs

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