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  Stove of the month  
by Sougland
early 20thC multi-fuel stove
with dragonfly motif.
  click photo for more info  

Think about an antique stove for ambiance, style and economy.
Watch the smoke drift up your chimney whilst oil and petrol prices go through the roof!

It makes sense: Think future! oil and petrol won't last, so go back to the past.

A wood burning stove also makes ecological sense

~ burning wood gives off as much CO2 as a tree that rots & dies.

Now is the time to go green!


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Specialist Suppliers The French Antique Stove Co are specialist suppliers to the UK and to the world of French antique wood burning and multi-fuel stoves (coal; coke; anthracite etc..) We spend a lot of our time journeying between from our workshop all over France sourcing these wonderful pieces of art.

We Can Supply We can supply most styles of antique French stoves including: art deco; art nouveau; arts & crafts; minimalist; symbolism (or decadence); ornate stoves from the mid to late 19th Century; the immediate post war period and even one or two ceramic tile stoves.

We are now the last remaining company that does a proper restoration. We do not strip the stove of all its internal workings, give it a good clean, fit a bio ethanol burner and then claim a full restoration!! Each stove is carefully dismantled, cleaned, resealed and rebuilt with all parts replaced/renewed as necessary. Once finished, it will be as close to factory original as is possible. (unless otherwise stated)
Bio Ethanol We can fit a bio ethanol burner to the majority of our stoves which alleviates the need for a chimney or flue way, leaving you free to place the stove where you like!. Please note that a full restoration is carried out allowing you to return the stove to run on wood or coal as originally intended. (unless otherwise stated)

Thoroughly Checked Every one of our stoves is selected with the loving care and attention a living, breathing antique deserves. It passes through our workshop where it is checked thoroughly and any necessary service parts are repaired or renewed. In most cases, the stove will undergo a full "body off" restoration. We also call on the local foundry to recast new parts and will remake new firebricks when the old ones are no longer serviceable.  Our aim is to restore the stove to as close to factory original as possible. Please note however that we try to retain as much of the age patina that has built up over the years on the decorative outside of the stove. Flue pipe of the correct dimension can be ordered at the same time you order your stove.

High Demand Due to a recent high demand, we are now restoring stoves to order. Ordering your
French Antique stove could not be simpler: Take a look at our For Sale  or our JUST IN page, decide which stove you would like, then call or email your request and we will then agree a price and a delivery date!

We Can Deliver your stove to most places in the UK either personally or via one of the three reputable UK  specialist antiques courier services, ensuring that your stove will reach you in perfect condition. We have stoves to suit most tastes and pockets. Please contact us for our very latest stock information on our standard French number 0033 470553617, or  0033689361826.

We Ship Worldwide Please note that we ship worldwide, using a personalised, crated, insured delivery service.

Client Feedback Checkout what our customers say about us! Customer testimonials page.


It took my local stove installers several weeks to finally come and do the pipe work . The installation is now fully “aux normes” and le non pareil was ceremoniously lit last night !
It works really well - the air control is like turning the gas up and down , it’s so responsive .
I closed it down and went out for 3 hours , came back , opened it up , fed it ,and off it went again - superb ! better than my brand new Charnwood was
As you can see it looks really beautiful ..... thank you for reviving such a lovely thing
Lesley Relph Montcuq FR


Godin Radiolette 1930 beautifully restored by Malcolm Knight of The French Antique Stove Co. installed. Tested at 36 Celsius outside temperature. Burns better as a new stove." Kees Aerts, Saone & Loire France


Hi Malc, 
Have been up to the boat and seen the stove. 
It is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! 

We put it in situ on the boat and it is perfect. Jim is already designing a hearth and I’ve got to get on to the background tiles. They’ll have to be relatively plain so as not to draw the eye away from the stove. 

I’ll send pics when it’s done. 

Thank you so much. This whole boat thing has been so beset with problems and it was a real joy to see the stove. It is going to look amazing. 
Jim loves it too, which is important as he will want to get on with it. 

He’s already had other clients asking about it so don’t be surprised if you hear from him.

Lucy Willis, Northampton boat yard 


We are delighted with the Deville Lily stove that Malc restored for us. It matches our period interior, and brings our fireplace back to life.

Malc was great at answering our detailed questions and helped us choose the best option for us: a bio-fuel burner insert, manufactured to order.


Stephen and Radovan, Brussels

Hi Malcolm, 

Just to say that we have received the tool and the Lily is up and firing, we have had a few cold evenings so she's been lit, and generates just enough heat for what we need, thank you so much for all your hard work, attached pics, 

Kind Regards

Janine and Kevin

Southampton UK


We are absolutely thrilled

What a great job and as you can see it looks

Many thanks

Mark and Helen Yorkshire UK

Hi Malc, We just wanted to confirm that the Stove has been delivered, and unscathed from the ordeals of transportation It looks absolutely fantastic, you have done a lovely job restoring it It won't be installed until March when we do the kitchen, but then the Deville will be the centerpiece. I'll send you some pictures in the spring, Cheers, and many thanks

Martin and Emma Torén

Stockholm County Sweden

Dear Malcolm,
I have previously bought 2 of your wonderful stoves......I just love them....I hope someday I can have one in every room. I bought a green Monopole #116 and a green Express by Deville. I just want to say, I love them and your crating was excellent. And the business arrangement went perfect.....I know I was a little hesitant about sending a large sum of money to another country.......but, as it turns out, everything went well and you represented the facts (merchandise, pricing, shipping, etc.) perfectly. And now I am in the process of buying another. Thank you for being in business and offering this service to people like me. Sincerely, Joette San Francisco USA.


***** NEWSLETTER*****

  • We have just taken possession of 12 beautiful stoves.  Check out the for sale page: Antique French Stove Co for sale

  • We have now transformed the ever popular Deville "le non pareil" (without equal) into a much longer lasting and more performing stove. The firebox is now made of 15/10 stainless steel - the original was 8/10 mild steel - the cast iron firebox top and the base plate are now cast three times thicker than the original.

  • We have now fitted a BIO FUEL BURNER to the ever popular Deville le non pareil click HERE for more details. We can fit a BIO FUEL BURNER to most of our antique stoves.

  • Flue pipe now available: in original vintage sizes click here for more info

  • We maintain a good relationship with our customers, some of whom come back to buy a second or even a third antique stove. Click the following link to our customer testimonials page and see what our clients say about us.

  • Whilst we are out searching for our antique stoves, some unusual and interesting period items catch our eye so we will be listing these items as we find them. They can be found on the miscellaneous items section of the website.

  • For a while now some of our clients, notably our US clients, have requested us to source other fireplace related items, such as antique clocks and antique mirrors. We have been out and about and have been surprised at the beauty of antique French mantle clocks, so we made the decision to start sourcing 19th C slate/marble mantle clocks as a starting point. As you would expect, each clock will be given a thorough check over by our man in the workshop, and will be in full working order when it leaves us. Click here (or click on the antique French Mantle Clocks button above) to see our current collection.

  • Click HERE to take a look at the Deville Lily restoration page to see how comprehensively each of our stoves is restored. They are not merely refurbished with new mica and seals, but are completely stripped and rebuilt using all new parts where necessary. Certain stove sellers make claims that their stoves are fully restored to the same standard as a French Antique Stove Co stove. There are but a few reputable stove restorers in the UK, some of whom are colleagues. Unfortunately there are also a few unscrupulous sellers in the UK and they do not restore their stoves in a correct manner and as such are not safe to be used, as they are often missing vital parts. Their prices, however, remain high. Remember that with a wood or coal burning stove, your safety is paramount.

  • We can offer any of our stoves newly enamelled in the colour of your choice!  Call/email Malcolm with your requirements. We have also completed the rebuild of a Deville Lily which has been re enamelled in the colour choice of the customer click HERE for more details.

  • We have now supplied stoves for several BBC productions, one being a series called "The Crimson Field".


Deville Lily art nouveau multi fuel stove in pale blue majolica; Deville Monopole 115 multi-fuel stove in pale blue majolica enamel; Caloria Studio 92 "Empire State building stove" in pale blue; Deville Marianna 375 multi fuel hybrid stove in grey majolica enamel; Rosières 307 MIXT multi fuel stove in burgundy majolica enamel; Deville Lilyver in pale blue majolica enamel; Deville Monopole 115 multi-fuel stove in green majolica enamel with nickelled lid;Deville Monopole 115 multi-fuel stove in green majolica enamel; Deville le non pareil in pale blue majolica enamel complete with matching plinth; "Vilmar" imposing art nouveau style multi-fuel tower stove in honey brown majolica enamel by Pramar; "Scott" art nouveau log stove in honey brown majolica enamel; Pied Selle "Noel" art nouveau log stove in mid blue majolica enamel; Pied Selle "Noel" art nouveau log stove in pale blue majolica enamel; Pied Selle "Le Lion" sublime multifuel stove with organic art nouveau flower motif tiles, first seen in 1912; La Salamandre Louis XVI in polished cast iron finish; Deville le non pareil in honey brown majolica enamel; Deville Regalia multi fuel stove in chestnut brown majolica enamel; Caloria Studio No92 "Empire State building stove" in honey brown enamel which will need re-doing in the colour of your choice ~ deco styling at its' best; Poêle de Chambre by Mirus in a mid blue majolica enamel; Colibri deco log stove in mushroom majolica enamel; Briffault Flamys extreme art deco multi fuel stove in a rich honey brown majolica enamel; Deville Hella multi fuel stove in pale blue majolica enamel; Deville Monopole 115 in green majolica enamel; Deville India multi fuel stove in pale blue majolica enamel; Deville Hella multi fuel stove in green majolica enamel; Deville Lily X multi fuel stove in dark blueDeville Helliver multi fuel stove in pale blue majolica enamel; Deville Regalia multi fuel stove in green majolica enamel; Deville Express log stove in green majolica enamel; Allez Freres multi fuel stove in brown majolica enamel, or the colour of your choice; Deville Lilyver multi-fuel stove in a very unusual royal blue; Deville Monopole 114  multifuel stove in green majolica enamel; Deville AeroTol multi-fuel stove in two tone brown; Deville Hiver for re enamelling in the colour of your choice;  Deville Lilyver in burgundy majolica enamel Mirus top of the range "poele de chambre" in green; Deville le non pareil in rose pink; "Le Phare" hopper loading coal stove from the 1860's; Deville Lily in pale blue; green or burgundy; Rare Deville India in chestnut brown; Deville "Helliver" in mid brown majolica enamel; Deville Monopole 115 in green majolica enamel; Deville Lily X ~ extreme deco styling in dark blue awaiting "body off" restoration.


Check out our Restoration page for pictures of stoves in progress, and of some of the many stoves that we have restored.

Check out our spare parts page .... many re fabricated spare parts available for certain stoves. Call for availability and ordering info.

EUROPEAN DELIVERY: Personalised European delivery service to Bratislava, click here to see the image; we have also recently delivered to: Holland; Belgium; France & Spain.  

NEW PARTS Deville Lily Ash box front; Firebricks now available for Deville Lily; Lilyver; Lily X; Hiver; Regalia and Hella. See parts page for update.

Flue pipe now available: in original vintage sizes click here for more info.



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